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Steam shower installation guidelines


Most steam showers are designed to work from a balanced supply of 1.5 to 4 bar pressure.  For lower pressure hot water systems such as gravity fed a pump may be required.

If the water supply is not balanced (for example from combi boilers, multipoints, unvented systems) then a pressure equalising valve may be required.  This will connect to the hot and cold supply and then feed the steam shower resulting in a balanced supply of hot and cold water pressure.

If the water pressure is uneven between the hot and cold feed then damage to the thermostatic valve could occur.

Replacement thermostatic valves can be purchased by calling us.

Full bore hot and cold lever ballvalves must be fitted in line with the hot and cold feeds.

Adequate clearance for servicing purposes must be allowed.

A water softener will be required for hard water areas to prevent scale damage to the shower head, valves and steam generator.

We recommend that you check all components before commencing installation and do not attempt to assemble the unit if you find that something is damaged.  If there are any damages please contact our aftersales department immediately on 0844 884 9686.  Courier damage must be noted on the delivery document before signing for a valid claim.  Any shortages must be reported to us within 48 hours.

When the steam shower has been built, it must be checked for any leaks etc as part of the commisioning process.  All functions must be checked before completeting installation.  Only a fully qualified installer should attempt installation.

Shower cabins come with a 12 month parts only warranty and are designed to be serviceable by all qualified plumbers / electricians.

Waste packaging and components must be disposed off in accordance with local authority rules.

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